Niseko Snow Food Guide

Just like the food itself, this guide is a creation all of its own. We are not into giving away secrets so comeback soon for more interesting content on food, the stuff that allows us to ride those pillows of snow and plays a big part in the days end with friends. Welcome to the Niseko Snow Food Guide.

Soba: Buckwheat Noodles
Another Japanese specialty that can be eaten hot or cold.

Japanese Curry
A great Japanese adaption that even the kids will like.

Okonomiyaki - The Japanese Pancake
The Japanese Pancake that originated from Osaka.
yaki niku niseko
Yaki Niku (Grilled Meat)
Yaki Niku is a great social dining experience and delicious too!

Sapporo Spice
A rich spicy, stock based soup loaded with vegetables &...

Ramen - A Japanese Specialty
Ramen is a must try on your trip to Japan

Miso Soup
miso soup is served for breakfast every day

Tempura was originally a delicious between-meal snack

Gyouza (Japanese Dumpling)
dumpling consisting of shell/skin made of wheat flour and eggs