niseko snow is a site about snow and art and culture, is based in the niseko region and has been online since 2006, it tries to cover topics more associated with the life of living in the snow and outdoors, however, we do also cover other culture topics such as food. Being based in Niseko a lot of content is from around this area but we also have content that is appealing to a broader audience in the hope that we stay relevant to people from all around the globe.


niseko snow offers various services from free individual and restaurant accounts/pages to paid accounts/pages for restaurant, business, and accommodation establishments in the hope that businesses can support a modern nuetral platform promoting the arts and culture; that's what travel is about discovering new culture and experiencing new things and places.

niseko snow is developed by design kojo in Annupuri, Niseko. We hope that businesses sponsor pages or sections of the site. For more on the products we currently have for free and for a small monthly charge please check our products page.

Our Weather Feed

We have built a custom display of data on the weather page from the API from Weather Unlocked.

We also collect snow depth data daily during the season.