Sapporo Spice


Japan is better known for subtle flavors and delicate textures than spice but in Sapporo, Hokkaido a new flavor has been brought to the collective palate. Soup curry is a dish that is said to have originated in Sapporo just over a decade ago. Soup Curry is fairly self descriptive, it is a rich spicy, stock based soup loaded with vegetables and or pork, chicken, seafood, hamburger and lamb. In soup curry you can find a happy medium between fast food and restaurant dining.

Every shop has some thing a little different be it the vegetables, the stock base or the choice of protein. Many of the restaurants are also an experience in them selves with some great themes and atmospheres. Below are some examples of soup curry “ya sans” that are well worth checking out. For a more comprehensive list check out the following link also available from convenience stores in paper form.