Onsen no Hairi Kata : Way of Entering an Onsen


Niseko Onsen - Japanese Hot Spring

If you intend on using an Onsen whilst in Niseko on you Japan ski holiday we recommend you have a quick read of the our Onsen etiquette below. Onsens are great way to relax after a big day on the hill or just to sit back and reflect. They are also a great way to get an insight into Japanese culture.

Onsen Ediquette

  1. Buy your ticket from the ticket machine or front desk.
  2. Take of your shoes, this is sometimes done before buying your ticket at some Onsens.
  3. Usually there is a blue curtain for men and red for women at the entrance of the changing room. This is true even if the onsen is mixed.
  4. Otherwise look for the man or women kanji as illustrated in the picture to the right.
  5. Store any valuable in the lockers or at the front desk.
  6. Fully undress leaving everything in the baskets provided and only take a small modesty towel to the wash room and Onsen. If you don't have a modesty towel you can usually buy them or rent them at the front desk.
  7. Enter the wash room and thoroughly wash yourself by sitting at one of the shower units.
  8. After washing thoroughly you can now enjoy the Onsen.

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