The Week or so in Photos - 16 December 2012



After a winter off doing the week in photos we are bring it back, to check out some of our older week in photos for the 2010/2011 season you will need to check here. What we hope to acheive is to give you an idea of what the Niseko area is like for the week with a scrape book of random photos, hope you enjoy, please leave a comment if you do.

niseko annupuri pink sky sunriseannupuri ski resortroad works in annupuriroad works in annupuri nisekobig Monday snowfallsnow clearing in nisekoniseko biking on route five in wintera roadside statue in Nisekotrees and snowbirds flying in nisekobirds in formationbirds flying above the sunlooking at Yotei from Makari in early winter

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