Terms of Service

This document is currently in the writing stage but has some basic conditions which will be added to as the site expands and when we feel the need.

All accounts must sign in to confirm their email.





Name , profile picture,  about , website and all the content that you have authored and are viewable to the public.

The  about section allow links to your private or business and is visible at the bottom of every page you author.


See the section below about creating content but some the key conditions are

  1. Links within an article need to be relevant and need to add to the idea being discuss, they should not be spam: a link to the homepage of a business for the pure reason of trying to send traffic or a link to the site, this is against search engine guideline anyhow, if this is the primary goal of your writing then we ask you to think again, include links to businesses and friends who have helped in the credits/ extra reading section below the main content (see point 2) or creativley in your images;)
  2. For thank yous or credits to people or businesses, we have a section below the main content for this, please feel free to give credit to anyone you see fit, however please do not post links to websites that are not relevant (we had to say it just to make it clear).





Name , profile picture,  about , website and links to all you restaurants. You can only add events (more soon) at the moment and currently your profile is only accessible via direct access i.e


Restaurant pages are free and have all you need to promote your place, your food, your art, to people from here and afar, we have only one request and that is you keep you information correct and support our aim to not have third party advertising on any business pages(true now for eight years and counting), this is your page for your place.

  1. We ask you not post images or content that promote other 3 parties, if you want to use images with 3rd party logos or attributions on them, please use one of the paid accounts.
  2. We reserve the right to remove content from free listing that don't adhere to our requests.
  3. We ask that your Restaurant page name is the name of you restaurant only, no other advertising bylines. We have a byline field for that.


Get yout free page now


Please ask us for information on this by emailing us hello[at] with the subject: niseko snow page sponsorship

Our Business pages are just that; for Business, basic information to you bricks and mortar businesses or online business and given recognition for that.



From 15,000yen/year currently only a few places available


12,000yen/year we help you set up the page

From 2015 we are except snow related businesses for pages.

Restaurant Plus

From 15000yen/year~ we help you set up the page by coming to say hi and snapping a few pictures for you, we also have other plans, please ask.


Monthly Business Pages

If you would prefer we can do monthly pages for any of the subscriptions above, they are charged at 5000yen/month.


Contact us and tell us what type of page you would like and we will be in contact with you very shortly.