Full Depth Slab Avalanche & Crown Face Pictures

Driving up from the valley the other day through Konbu Onsen area and looking up into the backbowls an avalanhce was fully visible. With the the gates still open and an adventerous spirti I guessed it was time to go and investigate, the walk in was a bit treey and rocky but once past that the going was fairly good, deep spring slush that sluffed as I rode it. I took the safest route possible; sticking to tree lines and then riding out the natural pipe and trees for the 500 plus metres to the resort.

Below are some pictures from the mission. Obvioulsy this takes a bit of common sense and a little bit of backcountry knowledge gained from over 20 years in the mountains but doable and many people enjoy the Niseko mountain's backcountry unitl the last drop of snow melts of the peaks in June.

This is the same spot that slide 2 years back and even though small in comparison you still would not want to get caught up in this, take care out there and hire a guide.