Niseko Snow Review of Rome's 2012 Mod Rocker 156

Ripping around Niseko on 2012 Rome Mod Rock. A quick review for Nisekosnow.netI started riding next season's 2012 Rome Mod Rock in Sweden earlier this season- and in all my years shredding, I have never strapped on a board that felt so comfy. From early season arctic Sweden's parks, to the last month strapped in everyday ripping Niseko's pow, this stick has been sweet in all conditions. From what I've got-off from her so far... she's the future of boards from the future. First function, then style, right? With new board tech that works mixed together with London's-calling born and bred D*face's street-artist skills and graphics, this board rides as amazing as it looks. Mounted centered, this true twin's new freepop (flat -actually a tiny bit of mini-camber in mine- then rocker) camber-profile has both high-speed powder float and hard-pack pop, reg or switch with a free from catching-edges feel. 

D*Face base graphic

Quick slash


The Mod's mellow rocker starts outside the binding inserts and is loaded with carbon hot-rods that snap the pop. It edges awsm with the quickrip side-cut (Rome's reply to Mervins Magna-traction) and it's just as playful at jib tempo in the park as it is at mach speed. Wheeling in deep Niseko powder or bombing the tard-traverse-crud in slush or crust, pipe, park or rails, the 2012 Mod is dirty-clean. Equipped with all the bells and whistles of Rome's high end line... the carbon double barrel hot rods in the tips, kevlar impact plates under the boots, air-pop core fully wrapped in superlight biax laminate with that carbon-sintered super fast base... It's worth next season's loot.

Rome and D*Face 2012 Mod Rock top sheetMod Rock rail pop



Everyone that I have let ride this board instantly likes it. The 2012 Mod is one of Rome's most hyped boards for next season and it's been a gem to ride from the arctic north to the rising sun. Rip-Roaring Fun.
 Ask your local shop about it next season! Brian


Hey man i was thinking about sizing down on this board. i usually ride a 154 camber (rome agent) and was wondering how a 150 in this board would feel. Im right at the weight limit for that 150, so i wasnt sure if i would be looping out on backseat landings and butters.

Yo noel,
It rides loose and easy but my hommies and I never lo0ped out on
landings like a normal rocker board. I think you could down size the
Mod a bit. I have buddy that rides for Rome and he must be...
thinkin´... 175cm tall and ripped a 153 in Niseko when he came to
visit last winter. We rode park jumps, rails and pow and he had no
problems with a short board. I rode a 156 last season and never looped
out or had any butter issues. I beat this board up with a 140+ day
season and ended it with a month in Norway riding park. I think you
like a 150. Hope that helps your decision.


great review.
I have a question.
What is the board thats right for me by the following data.
Height 181 cm, weight 80 kg.
So far I skied on burton custom 162, I want to buy the new mod but not decide about the length of the board is right for me. (156 or 159)
Thanks in advance for your help advice

Whoa OZ man... how do you "ski" on a Burton snowboard? Ha! If you are going to ride a lot of park rails, jibs and spinnin´go with a 156.
For your weight and height and all-mountain rippin´go with a 159.
Thanks for reading the review and yia man, I would lean more towards the 159 if I was you.
Bring on the snow!!!!!!

Hey I was thinking between this and the Rome agent rocker or reverb rocker.. I want a board that can spend most of it's life in the park and still survive in pow and a little all mountain.. I was wondering if this board is soft enough to press with.. And what size.. I was thinking 153, I'm a little over 175 cm and weigh about 73 kilos. Thanks

Hej Andrew,
Yia man- If you are riding park then the 153 Mod will be really fun. It´s PRESS-O-LICIOUS and torsionally playful with the superlightBiax core wrap under the hood. My buddy Cameron rides for Rome´s AmArmy and is your height and weight- he is a good example of a street/park fella who ripped deep powder on the 153 Mod in Niseko last winter. ill´n. The Agent Rocker 153 is a solid choice as well. Pressy, poppy and all that. It is a little bit more torsionally stiff- and Agent´s have bigger "impact edges" for rails and boxes which is nice ...It´s a toss up between the two. I have never strapped in to the Reverb Rocker so -no opinion on that one. Hope that helps. Brian