Old Man Army Boot Camp

Table of Contents:

This article is the first part in a series of four designed to help get you ready for the upcoming Niseko season. It is from a snowboarders perspective but is relevant to skiers as well, with a few obvious exceptions.

Gearing up

At 38 years old, I can say without a doubt that now is the most important part of my season. The work and effort I put in this time of year is the only way I can possibly contemplate the 120 plus days I have averaged the past few years. Without a pre season boot camp that is long and focused on getting my legs and core ready for the snow, there is simply no way I could possibly get through the season. The following four articles will detail some simple but effective exercises and routines that can be performed nearly anywhere and will lead to a great session in the powder, be it for a weekend, a week , or first day until last lifts.

The keys to a good pre season routine, especially if it is a step up from your regular exercise load, is preparation. Strapping 150 kgs on the squat rack or banging out a 10 k in your first session will only lead to injuries that will sideline you before you even get started. Instead, focus on the following-

  1. keeping workouts within a 25- 40 minute range, including a 5 minute warm up and cool down
  2. use full body movements that use large muscle groups instead of isolated exercises focusing on a single area
  3. combine cardiovascular exercises with body weight and core strengthening drills
  4. aim for 4 workouts a week at the minimum

In the next article , I will highlight some great exercises and routines to help train the muscles needed for the mountain.

Of course the workouts are only half the battle. Eating meals high in protein and complex carbohydrates is essential to helping the body recover, as is getting the proper sleep. Cutting down the partying and afterwork pints is also key to getting the most out of this time of year. It may seem a lot to ask, but when you are powering up the peak when others are flailing in the hip deep snow, or stopping landings while your friends yardsale around you, it will all be worth it. Trust me.