Slow Start to the season in Niseko

with a slow start the 2015 season, we thought it was time to go check out the conditions up high. At Goshiki which sits at about 800m there was about 5 to 10cm of snow settled meaning posisbly up to 20cm has actaully fallen over the last few days. With temperatures remaining low and more fronts passing through the snow accumlation should start to add up over the next few weeks.

Winter Weather Forecast Predictions

With talk in the pub last Friday night of snow starting in 10 days (next week!) from a loooong time resident and the lastest winter blast we thought it was time to see what other forecasts are out there.

Winter Settles in Last 24 hours

With a low system passing over us in the last 24 hours dragging cold winds down on us from the north the first proper blast of winter has been upon us. Looking at metvuw a few more systems pass by this week which will bring a few more sprinkles of snow to the mountain tops and a mix of rain and snow to the valley. 

Dusting of snow on Mt. Yotei

With temperature dropping again yesterday, today October 21 , 2015 saw a fresh dusting of snow on Mt. Yotei here in Niseko.

Temperatures at base level reached 0˚C this morning.


snow to valley level over night

snow or more what we would call spring corn was recorded in Annupuri this morning October 14, 2015. Below at top you can see a photo from yesterday afternoon and below that from 6:30am this morning shot from the same location showing the snow line difference. Obviously this snow will melt with temperature rising to 17˚C this weekend but winter is upon us. A few more photo's can be found on yesterday post weather here.

Hatsu Yuki Annupuri

And... the rock n' roll into winter really starts with temperature dropping below 5˚ C today in Annupuri. With this the first snowfall is record on Niseko Annupuri. 

Last year we didn't see snow on the peak until about October 22nd as reported here so just a little bit earlier this year, what is in store for us? getting excited.

First Snow on Yotei 2015

As we preditcted last Saturday, there was a dusting of snow on Mt. Yotei today. We managed to get a glimpse in one of the valleys on the Kyougoku side.

First Snow on Mt. Yotei on Tuesday Night?

With temperatures dropping to 3˚C at 1156M on Tuesday night it is our guess that on Wednesday morning the 30th of September will be the opportunity to get your Hastuyuki or first snow photos of Mt. Yotei. With Mt. Yotei peak being 1898M temperatures should drop below zero.

Screen capture below taken from our weather page



First Snow In Central Hokkaido


A dusting of snow on shirokumori dake 白曇岳 and mountain in full autumn colours in Daisetsuzan. A sign of winter is not far away.

Snow on Yotei 17 May 2015

A dusting of snow again on Mt. Yotei as the weather moves from spring into summer.

We'd say it got down to about the same elevation as on October 11 last autumn as recorded here.